Monday, 8 February 2010

Teen-Angst Festival '10

This is another album I posted but didn't talk about.
Let's get this straight: Mellow Gold is only slightly inferior to Odelay. Slightly.
And Odelay is fucking perfect, so that's saying something.
ANYWAYS, this is the last Beck album that has folksy roots (I assume Mutations revived his "folksy roots", but whatever.) Most of these songs are about shitty jobs Beck had before he got signed to a record label (Leaf-blowing, washing dishes in a farmhouse, etc.) And, of course, there's his breakthrough hit Loser, which is a good starting point if you want to get into Beck. One of the best parts of this album is the lyrics. They range from meaningful (Whiskeyclone, Blackhole) to total bullshit (Loser, Beercan, Fuckin' With My Head), which keeps you guessing what they mean. Fight the powa, Beck
Best Tracks: All of them except Sweet Sunshine and Analogue Odyssey (but that's a hidden track)

Did I already post this before? I might have. Damn, I really need to add a search bar.

Anyways, I know I've taken my fair share of jabs at Kurt Cobain, but that doesn't stop Nirvana from being good. In Utero is self-analytical, witty and angsty at the same time. It shows a mature Nirvana (Pennroyal Tea, All Apologies) as well as a batshit insane Nirvana (Very Ape, tourette's)

Best Tracks: Serve the Servants, Pennyroyal Tea, All Apologies, Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle

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