Tuesday, 30 March 2010

hurr durr derrpp

So remember this post on Midwest Pen Pals a while back? Turns out there is an mp3 version, I was too much of a dumbass to check what.cd...
So yeah, if you're looking for an mp3 version here you go:
And if you don't know who Midwest Pen Pals are then read that original post and download the EP now.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Just a catch up, I 'spose.

We haven't posted in forever because we're lazy, this tends to happen quite often. I figured we needed a catch up sesh (by we I mean me), I completely lost track of all my favourite bands and I've spent the afternoon finding out what they've been up to and what they're currently doing, looks like 2010 is going to be a fuckwin year.

Chalk Talk: Myspace
-  Released a split cassette with Black Churches in January
- They played a show for the release, they're planning to release a song from each band that played on cassette or something like that. Algernon Cadwallader said they would so
Sounds good, right?
- Split 7" with Ape Up! in the winter (can't fucking wait for that).
- Split 7" with Zona Mexicana (no date given)
- Their own 7" (no date given)

Midwest Pen Pals: Myspace
- "not dead anymore; writing new stuff once mships finishes their ep/split." Source: last.fm

Merchant Ships: Myspace
- Tape Split with Acres. (June 2010 on Bastard Sloth records)
- 7" EP (August 2010) 
- They're going to be on a big ass tour soon, check out the dates at their myspace.

Ape Up!: Myspace
- "Upcoming Releases!:
Something! "
These guys are useless for information :33

Palmkite: Myspace
- "In response to a few questions/comments, we are "in the middle" of making a full-length.  Two songs have been written and we can start doing work on it again in...May.  Yeah, it'll be a while but it's happening.  With any amount of luck, it'll be done this summer.  Anyway, we're all really excited to get back to that." 
"We are planning on doing a summer tour with our good friends, For Serious This Time.  We are trying to get this all set asap and it'll all be posted when we get it together a little more."
Source: Myspace blog

- Adam

Friday, 19 March 2010

new what?

If possible, try to cast your minds back to the year 2007, if you were musically adept back then and not a 12 year old spastic who thought that blink 182 were TEH BEST B4ND EVARRR!!!11!!11! then you may or may not remember a "scene", all be it one that never really took off, but a scene never the less, called "New Rave". I have recently started delving back into this scene that produced some genuinly fantastic music. So if you're a fan of edgy guitar riffs and juicy synth lines then you're most probably going to love this stuff, and if you arn't, well give it a blast any way, you might find out you like it. So without further ado, here be the links to some of the more prominant bands of the new rave scene, if you like it, hit me up for some more less entry level stuff.
Klaxons - Myths of the near future (If you havn't heard this yet then you are seriously doing it wrong.)
CSS - CSS (It's Brazillian, that means it is cool regardless of the music)


Holy spicy fuck-whistles. This bad-boy leaked a few hours ago, and it's giving me a metaphorical boner. You want to know what it's like? It's like dropping acid in a McDonald's ball pit full of sex. It's really good.

MGMT is, at face value, a radio-friendly single maker. Or should have been a radio-friendly single maker. MGMT never really wanted to get popular, they just happened to release three singles that got a fuckton of airtime. Andrew VanWyngarden stated that Congratulations won't have any "Time to Pretends" or "Electric Feels". This proves to be bittersweet, seeing how Time to Pretend fucking rocked. But the inconsistencies of OS were all too noticeable. The mature songs like Weekend Wars and The Youth were scattered between the big three singles: The aforementioned Electric Feel and Time to Pretend as well as Kids. Congratulations fixes these problems though. You certainly won't find anything that would make it big on the radio. Every track shows the experimental/psychedelic tone MGMT was aiming for. This album feels like you're in one of those spinning rides at Disney World. You're jerked from side to side as each song splits into three, only to be neatly wrapped up by the end.
UPDATE: /mu/ has spoken, they fucking loathe it. 2deep4them

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Algernon Cadwallader discography (I think)

Algernon Cadwallader
We love these guys so fucking much that there's already been two (TWO) post on them. Probably the best emo-math-rock-kinsellacore group around at the moment (probably), but most people only have the album, so like the previous American Football post this post is here to bring you more!

Remember though, this band (like all the bands in this blog) work really bloody hard, if you like what you're hearing then you should buy something.

Live on WKDU download
- Algernon really do have amazing energy live, great stuff.
Demo (Tour Version) download*
Some Kind of Cadwallader download
Fun download

Hot Green isn't included because that was just a three track leak of Fun.
*The tour version of the demo has one extra track.

Monday, 15 March 2010

American Football discography

American Football are a band that shouldn't need an introduction, you should know who they are and if you don't then download their self-titled album now, in my opinion they were one of the greatest emo bands and the greatest Kinsella band. Up untill the other day I thought they only released their album and their EP... well that is all they released, but there is also a bootleg of a 1998 show at the Fireside Bowl in Chicago kicking around, it's only 160kbps and pretty average sounding but some songs really do sound better live, they just sound so much more magical.

American Football - American Football EP download
American Football - American Football download
American Football - Fireside Bowl, Chicago Bootleg download
160 kbps


Sunday, 14 March 2010

Holy shit

This is more of an announcement than an official post, sorry 'bout that. To compensate, you can click on the cover below to download the Phoenix Wright OST. Trust me, it's faux-16bit gold.
Oh fuck, OH FUCK. I should have known about this earlier, but it somehow slipped between the cracks. Holy Jesus fuck. This is the first Get Up Kids album/EP (not counting live albums) to come out in six years. Besides MGMT's Congratulations is the only 2010 album I'm really anticipating, unless Interpol gets off of their post-punk asses and really releases their new album this year. Granted, Simple Science is only four tracks long and has the lingering possibility of being a total abortion, but it's great to see something new from them, since Guilt Show was a really shit way to fade out. Simple Science comes out on April 17th on colored vinyl (shit yes) and CD.


Monday, 8 March 2010


Jeremy Enigk is a born-again Christian. Will this affect SDRE's new album?

Also known as Sunny Day Real Estate. This was a demo-tape released in 1992, when they were on shaky ground with their band name. Also, this was before Jeremy Enigk (future frontman of SDRE) joined the band, so the vocals are considerably different.
Demo '92 also draws more from SDRE's grunge/hardcore influences. This was also changed in favor of what is now known as "genuine" emo when Jeremy Enigk joined the band. A change for the better? That's up to you to decide. (The answer is yes, but Chewbacca Kaboom is still fucking awesome)

Sunday, 7 March 2010


>Implying I'm not playing Phoenix Wright
If you're wondering why I just typed that, it's because I have to keep up my gamer-cred.
Want to hear a joke?
Midnite Vultures was pretty good, Mutations was slightly below average, Sea Change was OK, Guero was slightly above average (having said that, the Hell Yes EP was fucking awesome), and The Information was extremely unremarkable. The standards Odelay set were very harsh, and to be honest, I wasn't expecting much from Modern Guilt. Naturally, I was pleasently surprised when it turned out to be fucking amazing. Beck had some help from Danger Mouse in production, which might explain why even the 2deep4u tracks are toe-tappers. It's very chill. It's not serious like Sea Change, but it's not goofy like Guero. Best Beck album of the naughts? No contest.

Happy now?

Program music is a fantastic project from japenese progressive classical? producer Kashiwa Daisuke. The "album" consists only of two tracks lasting 35 and 25 minutes respectively. Stella, a song based on the japenese novel, "night on the galactic railroad" is a 2deep4urknuckledraggingfriends masterpiece that will make you feel as if you were floating off to some higher plane, or, if you arn't in the right mood, make you bored as fuck. Seriously it's not one to play at a party, altough i doubt you go to many of those anyway. Anyway, so yeah, the other track on the project, write once, run melos has a more glitchy feel to it, remeniscent of some of venetian snares less "turn your brain to shit and watch it explode out your ears tracks".
So if you are up late one night and fed up of listening to neutral milk hotel over and over again, give this a go and if you are a fan of atmospheric deep music you will enjoy this as much as I do.

download this bad boy here.

White Butterfly Ordinary Thundercloud

Holy shit, what?
This album is awesome. I picked it up from the greatest fucking sharethread ever (mark September 6th on your calender, it's the second-coming of this God).

So, Start A People. It's by Black Moth Super Rainbow. It's trippin' balls. Think of it as a combination of Beck's Hell Yes EP, Bomberman 64, EarthBound, Kid A, and Animal Crossing. It's hard to remember it track by track. The whole album is like one epic, orgasmic song.

Who's this new prick?

This blog now has a third contributor.
Hailing from Manchester, England, I (allan) will be helping to keep this blog up to date with fresh music to keep your ears filled and to make sure you stay musically superior to all your lame-ass mainstream friends.
So if you have the time to read, here is a little bit about me.

As a teenage Mancunian with an unhealthy obsession for music I first found out about the joys of decent music through the NME, and along with the internet (myspace, lastFM and a certain imageboard). And like a fine wine, over time I matured into a fully fledged sponge for absorbing "hipster garbage", which as much as you try to deny it, you know that you love.
I met fellow blogger Adam by chance on a facebook group where we happened to share the same views on hating shit music and one friend request later we were sharing music tastes. A month or so down the line and what do you know, he thought me worthy enough to post in his and fellow /mu/tant hamfist!'s blog. :3

So expect more posts involving new music, old music and hipster nonsense all with a constant undertone of unadulterated Manchester worship.

Saturday, 6 March 2010


Joie De Vivre - Summer Months

Joie De Vivre are a great midwest emo band, everytime I listen to them I just can't help but to think about how great the 90's scene must have been, they really are a breath of fresh air. Thanks to the last.fm bro that recommended me them, he saw that I loved Palmkite and threw a recommendation at me and it really hit the spot, It would be awesome if you guys did that more often (last.fm links to your right).

Thursday, 4 March 2010



Who is Stephen Colbert?
Besides a forgettable avatarfag (I fucking hated that guy), he's the coolest person. Ever.
He's always pissing people off with his biting satire on the TV show The Colbert Report. If you live outside of the U.S. and wonder what he's mocking, just watch this. Well, at least O'Reilly is a good sport about it. I'll give him that.
But this isn't about O'Reilly, this is about THE Colbert. His 2007 book I am America (And So Can You!) is the greatest thing known to man. Here's the .pdf file of the book, but once you finish reading the .pdf, consider getting the audiobook. It's narrated by Colbert himself, and it plays out like a normal episode of the Colbert Report. All of the expected topics are covered: Sex, drugs, homosexuals, religion, etc., etc. I would give you a sample of his best quotes, but fucking BlogSpot (I am never going to call it Blogger) doesn't want me to copy-paste. Swine.
Yes, I have been abusing the font sizes lately. Fuck you.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010






The only thing that sucks are the tags for the track names... The rest is fine.

Honestly there's no way I could post this without looking like a raging weeaboo faggot. If there is a way, please let me know. If you've seen the anime cartoon series, you'll know what you're in for. Only two tracks have vocals. The rest is instrumental with sweet, sweet flutes. Great studying music even if you don't like the anime show.

What will the next post be about? Well, I hope you like Stephen Colbert...


Tuesday, 2 March 2010

I'm using Adam's 320kbps file for this post, olololololol

I can't act smug for liking this album, which really sucks. Normally I'd be like "Oh dear, you haven't listened to Ziggy Stardust yet? That's okay, you're just missing out on one of the biggest musical influences ever. No, don't feel bad."
Alas, the first time I listened to this album was in November or something, so yeah. Kind of missed the bragging-rights deadline (which would have been when I was 12, I'd assume. I mean, who wouldn't like a 12 year-old Bowie fan? No one, that's who.)
The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars is essentially about an alien rock-star trying to cope with Earth's cuh-razy society. Sound cliched? Good, because Bowie basically set the space-rocker cliche. Fuckwin guitar and Bowie's distinct voice mesh together greatly. As far as my Bowie knowledge goes, Ziggy Stardust is tame compared to his other albums. It sounds like something that would be played on classic-rock stations (I mean this in the kindest way possible), like 101.5 THE POOOOOOOOOOINT! Ahem, sorry. That was my favorite radio-station in Tampa.
So yeah, this is definitely worth checking out, especially if you have absolutely no knowledge on David Bowie.
Best Tracks: Ziggy Stardust, Starman, Soul Love, Five Years

Monday, 1 March 2010


Midwest Pen Pals - Leaving Songs EP

I'm going to be honest with you on this one, they aren't that special, they're just another dead midwest emo band that sing about girls, best friends and parents. However, they're my favourite (and they should be yours too) dead midwest emo band that sing about girls, best friends and parents. They didn't bring anything new with this EP but they raised the bar a little.

EDIT: There is an mp3 version, hurr durr. Get it here.
- Adam