Sunday, 7 March 2010

Who's this new prick?

This blog now has a third contributor.
Hailing from Manchester, England, I (allan) will be helping to keep this blog up to date with fresh music to keep your ears filled and to make sure you stay musically superior to all your lame-ass mainstream friends.
So if you have the time to read, here is a little bit about me.

As a teenage Mancunian with an unhealthy obsession for music I first found out about the joys of decent music through the NME, and along with the internet (myspace, lastFM and a certain imageboard). And like a fine wine, over time I matured into a fully fledged sponge for absorbing "hipster garbage", which as much as you try to deny it, you know that you love.
I met fellow blogger Adam by chance on a facebook group where we happened to share the same views on hating shit music and one friend request later we were sharing music tastes. A month or so down the line and what do you know, he thought me worthy enough to post in his and fellow /mu/tant hamfist!'s blog. :3

So expect more posts involving new music, old music and hipster nonsense all with a constant undertone of unadulterated Manchester worship.

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