Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Three more favorites of mine

Modest Mouse - The Lonesome Crowded West
When I was told Good News... wasn't an accurate repesentation of Modest Mouse, I was intrigued. Well, not really, seeing how it took me a fucking month to actually download The Lonesome Crowded West. Man, I was missing out on so much. The opening track Teeth Like God's Shoeshine is erratic, noisy, and a representation of what to expect from the rest of the album. Best Tracks: Trailer Trash, Heart Cooks Brain, Cowboy Dan, Convenient Parking,
Lounge (Closing Time)
oh my god elephant - Five Song EP(?)
"Real" emo with math-rock undertones. That's all I can say about them, besides "FUCK YEAH". Oh, and they changed their name to Rainbow Tornado. Best Tracks: Dan Dan Dan Dan, Evan Tuckerman

Ape Up! - Demo '09

Judging by the title of the band and the cover of the album, you'd think the guys behind Ape Up! are total assholes. I guess that's plausible, but their demotape (released earlier this year) is really good. I believe the singer is the same bro behind Snowing (I don't really know, all I have to go off of them is their MySpace page), so you can expect God-tier vocals. Top tracks: Two Tickets to Stink Town, Nice Marmot, Rudich Ranch

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Andrew Jackson Jihad

Andrew Jackson Jihad - Can't Maintain

For me AJJ is one of the only folk-punk artist worth giving two shits about, the irony in his songs are enough to give you blog-reading-hipsters eargasms. IF THAT'S WHAT GETS YOUR DICK HAAARD! Best Tracks: Heartilation, Who Are You?, Sense, Sensibility, We Didn't Come Here To Rock.

Friday, 11 December 2009

15 Tracks of Meaty Goodness

Damn it Pixies, it's hard not to love you guys. Seriously though, the Pixies are one of the few groups /mu/ universally agrees is good. To me this is their greatest album, which is hard to say considering they made motherfucking Doolittle and Surfer Rosa. tl;dr version: Download this if you like music