Wednesday, 28 July 2010

its a great year to be a hipster

Add ImageI'm a little late to the party, aren't I? Interpol's new album (self-titled) recently leaked while I was on a 20-hour road trip to Missouri. This marks the fourth 2010 leak I've presented to you, the loving readers (Realism and Congratulations and Simple Science EP being the other three). The album itself is great compared to their 2007 album Our Love to Admire. It wasn't bad, per se, but it was significantly lacking compared to its parent albums. On its own, Interpol 2010 sounds like a mix of Turn on the Bright Lights ambiance and Antic's punk sound. To be honest, it's not as good as the first two, but you can't really top perfection, can you? This marks the last album made before the bassist, Carlos Dengler, left the band (going on to other, shall I say, antics?), so it'll be interesting if Interpol can find a new bassist that's just as good as him. This is recommended listening all the way, but it might not be the best place to start with Interpol if you aren't familiar with them. Oh, and they drop the f-bomb in Try it On. That's always a bonus with the children, right?

Next up for 2010: Jimmy Eat World, Brandon Flowers, and Radiohead. I'm really stoked for the new Jimmy Eat World album. Deal with it, bitch.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Reclamation! Reclamation!

I was reading an article not too long ago about the Real World. At one point the author mentioned that college was one of the most interesting points in his life. He mentioned that he knew a gay born-again Christian that was a Vikings fan and a Fugazi expert. Obviously that was just a minor detail, but it got me thinking "Damn, I should listen to Fugazi again." So, here I am, banging away at my keyboard telling you about these dudes. Today "hardcore" means having anime-esque hair with purple streaks, an ironic love for Hello Kitty, crunkcore, and Ring-Pop candy on at least two fingers. In other words: "scene." Fugazi represent classic hardcore. They have a relatively famous picture in which the lead singer is hanging on a basketball hoop by his legs and screaming into the mic (also, he was shirtless). I guess that's that's the most accurate description of their sound - a bunch of shouting rapscallions having a good time. And shirtless.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Like Merriweather Post Pavillion, except it's good

Most people know that noise is caused from vibrations in the air. At least, that's what the Magic Schoolbus taught me. So, if you want to be a pretentious asswad, just go around telling everyone that music is just organized vibrations. Noise-pop bands seem to be aware of this, as they base their material off of organized chaos. I mean, hell, Merzbow made 248 albums by shitting on a Speak'n'Spell.

All joking aside, noise-pop can be pretty good. Ribbons and Bows proves this by releasing the White Light 7", a two-track record sampling what's to come by Rs&Bs. The titular track starts out with a crunchy beat, and an extremely lo-fi guitar lick separates the transition from beat-and-lyrics to full band. TV has an insane drumbeat, but starts out with a somewhat smooth techno beat (though still crazy. Think of something from Bomberman.) And then: SQUEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAVUYCVIYTGCYDCUTRXUTRXAYUYWDUYWDGCVCV~~~
The vocalist proceeds to chant "CHAOS" over and over again.


Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Calling all plucky artists!

Do you have a band or solo project that needs a little publicity? I'll listen to it! Send me a MediaFire link to your EP, LP, demo - whatever - on last.fm. Just private message my account. You can also contact me on FaceBook. I have about five bands that sent submissions, but I'm always ready to accept more. Reviews will be on an every-other-day basis, but I might do some daily. Yes, I'm still going to post-actual-release albums, but this keeps things fresh.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

she took the oldsmobile out past condor avenue

I'm listening to From a Basement On the Hill as I type this, so I guess that makes me somewhat of a hypocrite (since I can't play what I want when I want.) Roman Candle is the 1994 debut of the great Elliott Smith, an uber-depressed, quasi-folk singer. Here he keeps the majority of the material acoustic, and he strikes gold. The title/opening track is a soft-toned but vicious "ode" to an abusive boyfriend of an acquaintance. Condor Avenue is probably the best track; you can hear Smith's multilayered harmonies really shine. Also included are four "No Name" tracks (the smooth No Name #1 and harmonica-sprinkled No Name #2 being the best) that would later be followed up by No Name #5 on Either/Or. Everything is really mood, and his refusal to shout only makes it moodier. Some of the tension is relieved by the conclusion of the album, an instrumental country melody strangely entitled "Kiwi Mad Dog 20/20." Having listened to Roman Candle for the first time in physics months back, it really cemented my respect for Elliott Smith. He quickly replaced Beck as my favorite solo-artist and is probably one of the most genuinely depressing figures in rock.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Blog Resurrection 3: Eclectic Boogaloo

Last update was May 30th. Oh wow! School has been out for a good while, giving me plenty of time to masturbate and play Fire Emblem. And Phoenix Wright. Anywho, American Football has been dominating my summer playlist as of late, and you've probably heard me and Adam (may he rest in peace) wank over it (he's posted their discography before). Okay, I've been listening to Stay Home and the One With the Wurlitzer more than any other of the tracks, but the whole album is great shit. The jazzy trumpets, toned-down guitars and subtle whining make this a great emo album for people who hate emo.