Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Reclamation! Reclamation!

I was reading an article not too long ago about the Real World. At one point the author mentioned that college was one of the most interesting points in his life. He mentioned that he knew a gay born-again Christian that was a Vikings fan and a Fugazi expert. Obviously that was just a minor detail, but it got me thinking "Damn, I should listen to Fugazi again." So, here I am, banging away at my keyboard telling you about these dudes. Today "hardcore" means having anime-esque hair with purple streaks, an ironic love for Hello Kitty, crunkcore, and Ring-Pop candy on at least two fingers. In other words: "scene." Fugazi represent classic hardcore. They have a relatively famous picture in which the lead singer is hanging on a basketball hoop by his legs and screaming into the mic (also, he was shirtless). I guess that's that's the most accurate description of their sound - a bunch of shouting rapscallions having a good time. And shirtless.