Sunday, 31 January 2010

Since I have waffles.fm...

I figured I would do some request, just leave a comment and I'll get that band/album posted.

Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate - What It Takes To Move Forward
Download link

It kind of annoys me that these guys take so much of Sunny Day Real Estate's sound. Not sure why because it never bothered me that Algernon Cadwallader rip Cap'n Jazz off big time.

Feeling kinda shit lately and I would love to have something that sounds kinda American Football, if you've got anything then just namedrop them in the comments.

I can't believe I liked OK Computer..

So I listened to it after he posted that, I liked it and felt like a fag. It is now on repeat.

Here's disc 2 of the 2009 collectors edition:

It's got quite a few notable tracks, Pearly* and Melatonin for example. A few good live tracks aswell.

Friday, 29 January 2010

375 words that aren't something about music

There was a thread on /mu/ where you shuffled your media player 5 times and wrote a short story using the songs you got (which are shown in caps). It's too bad it died early.

Today was the day. I knew it. Well, not then, but I should have seen it coming. I decided to take the long way down to Spokane High School, just to think.

As I finished my Fresca, I saw kids running like a WILD PACK OF FAMILY DOGS. They all had shirts that said SHU SHUBAT. Another group of kids came, wearing the same T-shirt. Needless

to say I was a tad curious. I decided to see what all of this was about.

The first guy I saw was a chubby Mexican kid, no more than nine years-old.

"Hey kid, what's with all of these people running around?"

"QUE SUERTE!", he replied

It was pretty awkward. A bunch of clones of this kid started raining from the sky, all asking (or exclaiming) the same words. I slowly backed away, and returned to my path.
Unfortunately I was getting closer to the school. I could tell because I passed the old oak tree a bum resided in. On days when I had time to spare I would hang out with him. We discussed the practicality of space travel and I would ask him hypothetical questions. Our conversations always ended with him saying "Think about it".

He was alright.

Just then I noticed that my school was under attack. Living next to a Taco Bell; it was not uncommon to see chalupas thrown at the window. This time was different though. The school was fucking bombarded with semi-natural chalupa meat. There were about 300 students smearing meat across some poor bastard (who I later found out was the geography teacher. Fuck geography). And I knew the bum had been here, because cinnamon twists were laid out to spell "CEMETERIES OF LONDON. Think about it."

It was quite a phenomenon. I decided to lay in the snow. I got out some pizza-flavored crackers (Combos, I believe), another can of Fresca, and a GameBoy Color. I sat there playing Pokemon Pinball while the whole place went to hell.

When I finished everything I went up to the school and threw some pizza-flavored paste at the

I fucking hate high school.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Giraffes? Giraffes!

Amazing math-rock band, essential in my opinion. Nice and noodley.

More Skin With Milk-Mouth download
SUPERBASS!!!! (Black Death greatest hits vol.1) download

Palmkite - Palmkite Demo
Download link

If you like American Football then you should grab this demo, Kinsellacore. Also hipster cred.

Me, a faggot/The soundtracks to an Algebra II Exam

God fucking dammit. I wanted to hate this, I really did. But I guess I'm even more of a flaming faggot now that I like OK Computer. Like Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, it's very user unfriendly - you have to listen to it three or four times to fully appreciate it. Or not. I can see how people can't stand it, the tracks that seperate the really good songs are lackluster. A little repetitive and bland. It might not deserve the hype it gets (a certain tripfag might disagree with me), but it's pretty damn good.
Best tracks: Electioneering, Paranoid Android, No Surprises, Airbag

Now for something completely different (PitchFork gave this a 3.3, durrhurr). After much thinking, I've come to the conclusion that On a Wire is only slightly inferior to Something to Write Home About and Four Minute Mile. In other words, this is some good fucking shit. It's the same Get Up Kids I (and hopefully you) love with some acoustic country undertones. Goes great with rainy days, or days when you're feeling homesick. Ehhhh...What else can I say? Get up (lol c wut i did ther?) and get it.
Best tracks: Overdue, Let the Reigns Go Loose, Walking on a Wire, Campfire Kansas

Monday, 25 January 2010

Also, Beck

Okay faggots, listen up. I'm giving in to the hype and downloading Radiohead's OK Computer, mainly because I heard Paranoid Android and got shivers. I'll give my honest opinion next post. So yeah.

When I posted the Beck discography I didn't really explain Don't Get Bent Out of Shape. It's one of his more famous demo tapes released, and it's actually quite good. 18-tracks of "what the fuck, man?"

The opening track, MTV Makes Me Want to Smoke Crack, is a dity he wrote when he worked at a shitty movie-rental store. Quite naturally, he didn't feel like he was in the right place. At the time (~1992) MTV was in it's "prime" (too bad it was always cancerous bullshit). While the pictures of people who have lavish lifestyles appealed to the masses, it just made Beck, as stated in the title, smoke crack. Really ace.

The second track, Mexico, is one of those "gather round the campfire and I'll tell y'all a 'lil story"folk songs. It's pretty fucked up though. I could go into detail, but I'll leave you with the lyrics:

"Come gather round me, people, here's a story you never heard 'Bout me and my friends and some shit that occurred. Well, we thought that we'd take a trip. We thought that we would go Spend a weekend pleasant down in Mexico. Well, I was working at McDonald's, doing the late night run When a car pulled up the drive-thru and pointed out a gun. Said, "Give us all your money and three Big Macs to go." I stuffed them all in a bag and I ducked down below. Well, the boss got angry when he found out I didn't call the police. I guess I was kinda nervous. There was a warrant out on me Concerning some jaywalking tickets I couldn't afford to pay. Needless to say, I got the axe that same day. Well, me being out of work just then, I didn't want to go home. My Mom said if I lost this job, I'd have to go out on my own. So I went over to Dave's house and got really stoned, Called up some girls, but none of them were home. Well, Steve came over and brought some alcohol. We were all gettin' really depressed just staring at the wall! Well, we thought we'd get some money. We thought that we might go Spend a weekend pleasant down in Mexico. Steve's Dad had a hunting rifle and we went and picked it up. We went and stopped at a 7-11 to try our luck. Now we pulled out that hunting rifle, but the counter guy just laughed. As he pulled out an Uzi, we turned and hauled ass. We were running so fast until we came to the McDonald's where I worked. We walked up to the drive-thru and gave my boss a jerk. Said, "Give us all your money and three Big Macs to go. And suck on this, you weasel! We're going to Mexico." We all got really wasted. Down South, Dave got a case of the runs. We were all really hungover and gettin' low on funds. Dave and Steve called their parents and took the bus back home. Me, I got a job at McDonald's down in Mexico."

So yeah, it's awesome. Get that shit right now.

tl;dr: Beck, please have sex with me.

The link's on the discography post. Look it up, lazy-ass

What's this? Scene music in my blog!?

Hadouken! - For The Masses
Download link

Should I feel bad for posting this? Should this be considered a guilty pleasure? I know most you music elitist out there won't listen to this because of its fanbase (neon wearing scene kids that think upbeat 'choonz' and glowsticks make a rave) but I think it's a great album from a good band. Taking alot of influences from the recent grime/dubstep trend the bass is 'massive' (I'm getting the hang of this street talk thing as you can see) and the lyrics are meaningless, as deep as Justin Bieber's 'My World' and in your face... I'm not doing the album much justice here am I?
TL;DR: The Hadouken! guys have obviously progressed musically but still present the music like children.
Best tracks: Rebirth, Turn The Lights Out, Ugly

Sunday, 24 January 2010

The Magnetic Fields leak!

Say farewell to the 4-year long "no-synth" trilogy. After this album the Magnetic Fields will, most likely, go back to synth-heavy indie-pop. The first track is essential Magnetic Fields: "If you think you can leave the past behind/You must be out of your mind". Stephin Merritt is, once again, a cynist living in a sugar world.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Because high school fucking sucks

The Get Up Kids - Something To Write Home About
Download link

EDIT: lol teenage angst
Best tracks: Holiday, Out of Reach, I'll Catch You, Red Letter Day

Friday, 22 January 2010

The week before finals

Lucky me. I get to write an essay describing the themes of all of the myths we've been reading in class using To Kill a Mockingbird and Cleopatra VII as touchstones.

I've been listening to more Beck than usual. Very very good shit. I'm working on uploading all of his stuff. One day of progress:

Don’t Get Bent out of Shape
Stereopathetic Soulmanure
One Foot in the Grave [2008 reissue w/ Bonus Tracks]
Enjoy. I'm gonna go masturbate

Thursday, 21 January 2010

The Berlin Trilogy

Whenever I ask my friends what their favourite David Bowie albums are they always say the same thing, "Oh I've only heard a few songs, Changes, Life on Mars and Oh You Pretty Things!", I rage everytime, why? Well for starters a Bowie album should never eveeer be seen as seperate songs (obviously this is true for most albums), and secondly noone should form an opinion on Bowie just from his first few albums.

This is why I present to you The Berlin Trilogy. For those of you that don't know what this is (hopefully the minority), it is the trilogy of albums that show the more experimental side of Bowie, these albums being Low, Heroes and Lodger. Each one of the albums has it fair share of pop hits (e.g. Heroes, What in the World and Fantastic Voyage) but also feature tracks that you would not hear from his earlier albums, Lodger and Low and fantastic ambient sides to them that can be considered better than his more poppy songs at times, whilst Lodger just has a general feel of experimentation; especially in his voice. If you haven't heard atleast one of these albums then I really do urge you to try them.

Low download
Heroes download
Lodger download
They're all 320kbps.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010


The greatest power-pop album since Weezer's 1994 s/t. Also, if I'm not mistaken, there's some surf-rock tones in there. I remember hearing the single "Sucked Out" in 2001 when my older brother was in his sophomore year of high school. Ever since then it's been stuck in my mind until around 2007, when a three-nanosecond YouTube search solved my six-year dilema. I nearly shat my pants when I found the whole album on MediaFire. God bless the internet.
Best tracks: Sucked Out, Slot Machine, Phaser, Destination Ursa Major

Sunday, 17 January 2010

guess i'm doing fine

Everything about Distortion screams 80's. The hot-pink cover, the female/male vocals, the swirling guitars, etc., etc. This is the second album in a series of albums Fields frontman Stephin Merritt calls the "no-synth" trilogy (the first being i and the third being Realism, out on the 26th). It's a strange concept, considering that one of the things that make the Magnetic Fields so good is the synth. They make up for it with the heavily distorted (hence the name?) guitar and bass sounds. It's great. Download it.

You know what you're getting into by the first track. The album as a whole sends you down a ramp in roller-skates while in a sugar coma from drinking too much TAB. Also, to a lesser extent, AIDS. I mean that in the most positive way possible.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Jammy Eet Wood

I've failed to mention Jimmy Eat World for a while, which is a damn shame considering they're just so good. One of the albums I can't get enough of at the moment is Futures. It's the perfect a pretty good mixture of pop rock (oh God I'm such a fag someone kill me) and the agressive emo sound that was so popular in the late 90's/early 00's. Actually, you probably won't care for it that much, but I like it.

Is there anything better than a mall? This is a serious question. I guess it's been popular to hate on malls for a while, but they're one of the greatest things about living. I like marble. The walls and floors are paved with marble. I like the smell of fried-dough. The mall fries dough. I like the smell of colognes. The mall smells like cologne. There aren't too many malls in England; the ones they do have are usually small and filled with clothing stores that have a sense of unwarranted superiority. Much like myself. The only mall I really like in England is Bluewater. It makes me feel like I'm back in Sebring with my friends. I've only been there once.

Chalk Talk would be the same but backwards if you swapped the 'Ch' and 'T' around

Chalk Talk - Killing Spree
Download Link

I don't know how to explain these guys, I expected them to be just another band in the scene but what I got was just amazing. The vocals are just perfect, kind of like Ape Up!'s. These guys are just out there to have fun, and that's what they're doing, they're also creating fuckwin music at the same time. Best tracks: ALL OF THEM

Thursday, 14 January 2010

3 Song EP from Algernon

Algernon Cadwallader - Hot Green EP (2009)
Download Link

New(ish) 3 song EP from the Algernon guys, if you don't know who they are then see: Some Kind Of Cadwallader.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The Shark's Own Private Fuck

Sunny Day Real Estate is fucking radical. I'm using the word 'radical' ironically, of course. Anyways, their debut album Diary is widely regarded as the greatest emo album ever. But is it really? Fuck if I know, but I prefer 1998's How it Feels to be Something On better. It's not exactly groundbreaking (girlfriend's a fucking whore, she cheated on me, why couldn't I see it?, etc.) but it just sounds good. The vocals are deep when they need to be, they're near falsetto when they need to be- it just falls into place. A must-have emo album along with Diary.
Best Tracks: The Shark's Own Personal Fuck, Roses in Water, Every Shining Time You Arrive

Merchant Ships, new stuff and old stuff

Merchant Ships

I really don't know why I haven't posted these guys before, they're a brilliant screamo band, the guitar reminds me of Boy Problems but with more forward vocals. Probably one of the hottest bands around at the moment so make sure you check them out.

I Want To Forget Everything Bad That Ever Happened, Ever download
THE NEW JAMS download (new shitttt awww yeaaah)
Bummer Times download

Sunday, 10 January 2010

christopherwalken (http://www.last.fm/music/christopherwalken)

I live in a small village. In England. You'd think that I would be involved in some sort of music scene/genre that's on the rise, but no, no I am not. Maybe if it was 1996 right now I would have just come back from a concert in hopes that the local brocore band Prize Crane will make it big time (and release that fucking EP Paul was talking about). No, there is no such genre as brocore. There is no Prize Crane. This is no Paul, and there is no EP. The closest thing I've seen in England that even faintly resembles a "music scene" is a bunch of long-haired college-bound street performers that cover 70s pop songs - but I digress.

This brings me to christopherwalken, an offshoot of a bunch of college kids who "have more dreams than talent". They've released a demo (fucktheworlddemo) and a three-song EP (Winter Songs). So how's the music? Well, it's pretty garage. The main atrraction, so to speak, is the vocals, but they're drowned out by the drumming. In fact, the drumming drowns out the guitar as well, which is a shame considering it's very surf-rockish. They show promise, and underneath the fuzz they're actually quite good.

Fortunatley Winter Songs fixes these problems. They ditched the garage-rock undertones for a sound that's hard to describe. It's almost like they have some personal demons that are only being articulated halfway through. It really leaves you asking for more, and it's hard to imagine a band making so much progress in, what, half a year? Colour me impressed.


I don't normally like shoegaze, but...

LSD and the Search For God - LSD and the Search For God

Really good shoegazy-dream pop, not really sure how to explain this but it's god-tier stuff so just give it a try. Best tracks: Starting Over, This Time

Maybeshewon't hurrrrr

Maybeshewill - Sing The Word Hope In Four-Part Harmony

Have you heard these guys yet? If not then why the hell not? Great post-rock album with hard rock influences, brilliant use of synth and samples. Best tracks: Sing The Word Hope In Four-Part Harmony, This Time Last Year, Co-Conspirators

One of my recent favourites

Algernon Cadwallader - Some Kind Of Cadwallader

With many comparing Algernon Cadwallader to the brilliant Cap'n Jazz there's no way you can be disappointed, great energetic band. For fans of Cap'n Jazz, Snowing, The Get Up Kids. Best tracks: The Stars, Katie's Conscious, Motivational Song

Thursday, 7 January 2010

First post of the new year, happy neww year guise

Arco - Coming To Terms

All I can say for this album is ;_______;
If you're ever in the mood for something slow and sad then get this, or if you just need some music to relax too. Great London-based band. Best tracks: Lullaby, Driving At Night, Alien.