Monday, 25 January 2010

Also, Beck

Okay faggots, listen up. I'm giving in to the hype and downloading Radiohead's OK Computer, mainly because I heard Paranoid Android and got shivers. I'll give my honest opinion next post. So yeah.

When I posted the Beck discography I didn't really explain Don't Get Bent Out of Shape. It's one of his more famous demo tapes released, and it's actually quite good. 18-tracks of "what the fuck, man?"

The opening track, MTV Makes Me Want to Smoke Crack, is a dity he wrote when he worked at a shitty movie-rental store. Quite naturally, he didn't feel like he was in the right place. At the time (~1992) MTV was in it's "prime" (too bad it was always cancerous bullshit). While the pictures of people who have lavish lifestyles appealed to the masses, it just made Beck, as stated in the title, smoke crack. Really ace.

The second track, Mexico, is one of those "gather round the campfire and I'll tell y'all a 'lil story"folk songs. It's pretty fucked up though. I could go into detail, but I'll leave you with the lyrics:

"Come gather round me, people, here's a story you never heard 'Bout me and my friends and some shit that occurred. Well, we thought that we'd take a trip. We thought that we would go Spend a weekend pleasant down in Mexico. Well, I was working at McDonald's, doing the late night run When a car pulled up the drive-thru and pointed out a gun. Said, "Give us all your money and three Big Macs to go." I stuffed them all in a bag and I ducked down below. Well, the boss got angry when he found out I didn't call the police. I guess I was kinda nervous. There was a warrant out on me Concerning some jaywalking tickets I couldn't afford to pay. Needless to say, I got the axe that same day. Well, me being out of work just then, I didn't want to go home. My Mom said if I lost this job, I'd have to go out on my own. So I went over to Dave's house and got really stoned, Called up some girls, but none of them were home. Well, Steve came over and brought some alcohol. We were all gettin' really depressed just staring at the wall! Well, we thought we'd get some money. We thought that we might go Spend a weekend pleasant down in Mexico. Steve's Dad had a hunting rifle and we went and picked it up. We went and stopped at a 7-11 to try our luck. Now we pulled out that hunting rifle, but the counter guy just laughed. As he pulled out an Uzi, we turned and hauled ass. We were running so fast until we came to the McDonald's where I worked. We walked up to the drive-thru and gave my boss a jerk. Said, "Give us all your money and three Big Macs to go. And suck on this, you weasel! We're going to Mexico." We all got really wasted. Down South, Dave got a case of the runs. We were all really hungover and gettin' low on funds. Dave and Steve called their parents and took the bus back home. Me, I got a job at McDonald's down in Mexico."

So yeah, it's awesome. Get that shit right now.

tl;dr: Beck, please have sex with me.

The link's on the discography post. Look it up, lazy-ass

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