Sunday, 10 January 2010

christopherwalken (http://www.last.fm/music/christopherwalken)

I live in a small village. In England. You'd think that I would be involved in some sort of music scene/genre that's on the rise, but no, no I am not. Maybe if it was 1996 right now I would have just come back from a concert in hopes that the local brocore band Prize Crane will make it big time (and release that fucking EP Paul was talking about). No, there is no such genre as brocore. There is no Prize Crane. This is no Paul, and there is no EP. The closest thing I've seen in England that even faintly resembles a "music scene" is a bunch of long-haired college-bound street performers that cover 70s pop songs - but I digress.

This brings me to christopherwalken, an offshoot of a bunch of college kids who "have more dreams than talent". They've released a demo (fucktheworlddemo) and a three-song EP (Winter Songs). So how's the music? Well, it's pretty garage. The main atrraction, so to speak, is the vocals, but they're drowned out by the drumming. In fact, the drumming drowns out the guitar as well, which is a shame considering it's very surf-rockish. They show promise, and underneath the fuzz they're actually quite good.

Fortunatley Winter Songs fixes these problems. They ditched the garage-rock undertones for a sound that's hard to describe. It's almost like they have some personal demons that are only being articulated halfway through. It really leaves you asking for more, and it's hard to imagine a band making so much progress in, what, half a year? Colour me impressed.



  1. YES! My friends played with these guys several times. They are on my to-do list for the past couple weeks.

  2. I think the demo link is broke .PLEASE FIX IT