Friday, 29 January 2010

375 words that aren't something about music

There was a thread on /mu/ where you shuffled your media player 5 times and wrote a short story using the songs you got (which are shown in caps). It's too bad it died early.

Today was the day. I knew it. Well, not then, but I should have seen it coming. I decided to take the long way down to Spokane High School, just to think.

As I finished my Fresca, I saw kids running like a WILD PACK OF FAMILY DOGS. They all had shirts that said SHU SHUBAT. Another group of kids came, wearing the same T-shirt. Needless

to say I was a tad curious. I decided to see what all of this was about.

The first guy I saw was a chubby Mexican kid, no more than nine years-old.

"Hey kid, what's with all of these people running around?"

"QUE SUERTE!", he replied

It was pretty awkward. A bunch of clones of this kid started raining from the sky, all asking (or exclaiming) the same words. I slowly backed away, and returned to my path.
Unfortunately I was getting closer to the school. I could tell because I passed the old oak tree a bum resided in. On days when I had time to spare I would hang out with him. We discussed the practicality of space travel and I would ask him hypothetical questions. Our conversations always ended with him saying "Think about it".

He was alright.

Just then I noticed that my school was under attack. Living next to a Taco Bell; it was not uncommon to see chalupas thrown at the window. This time was different though. The school was fucking bombarded with semi-natural chalupa meat. There were about 300 students smearing meat across some poor bastard (who I later found out was the geography teacher. Fuck geography). And I knew the bum had been here, because cinnamon twists were laid out to spell "CEMETERIES OF LONDON. Think about it."

It was quite a phenomenon. I decided to lay in the snow. I got out some pizza-flavored crackers (Combos, I believe), another can of Fresca, and a GameBoy Color. I sat there playing Pokemon Pinball while the whole place went to hell.

When I finished everything I went up to the school and threw some pizza-flavored paste at the

I fucking hate high school.

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