Monday, 25 January 2010

What's this? Scene music in my blog!?

Hadouken! - For The Masses
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Should I feel bad for posting this? Should this be considered a guilty pleasure? I know most you music elitist out there won't listen to this because of its fanbase (neon wearing scene kids that think upbeat 'choonz' and glowsticks make a rave) but I think it's a great album from a good band. Taking alot of influences from the recent grime/dubstep trend the bass is 'massive' (I'm getting the hang of this street talk thing as you can see) and the lyrics are meaningless, as deep as Justin Bieber's 'My World' and in your face... I'm not doing the album much justice here am I?
TL;DR: The Hadouken! guys have obviously progressed musically but still present the music like children.
Best tracks: Rebirth, Turn The Lights Out, Ugly

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