Thursday, 21 January 2010

The Berlin Trilogy

Whenever I ask my friends what their favourite David Bowie albums are they always say the same thing, "Oh I've only heard a few songs, Changes, Life on Mars and Oh You Pretty Things!", I rage everytime, why? Well for starters a Bowie album should never eveeer be seen as seperate songs (obviously this is true for most albums), and secondly noone should form an opinion on Bowie just from his first few albums.

This is why I present to you The Berlin Trilogy. For those of you that don't know what this is (hopefully the minority), it is the trilogy of albums that show the more experimental side of Bowie, these albums being Low, Heroes and Lodger. Each one of the albums has it fair share of pop hits (e.g. Heroes, What in the World and Fantastic Voyage) but also feature tracks that you would not hear from his earlier albums, Lodger and Low and fantastic ambient sides to them that can be considered better than his more poppy songs at times, whilst Lodger just has a general feel of experimentation; especially in his voice. If you haven't heard atleast one of these albums then I really do urge you to try them.

Low download
Heroes download
Lodger download
They're all 320kbps.

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