Sunday, 14 March 2010

Holy shit

This is more of an announcement than an official post, sorry 'bout that. To compensate, you can click on the cover below to download the Phoenix Wright OST. Trust me, it's faux-16bit gold.
Oh fuck, OH FUCK. I should have known about this earlier, but it somehow slipped between the cracks. Holy Jesus fuck. This is the first Get Up Kids album/EP (not counting live albums) to come out in six years. Besides MGMT's Congratulations is the only 2010 album I'm really anticipating, unless Interpol gets off of their post-punk asses and really releases their new album this year. Granted, Simple Science is only four tracks long and has the lingering possibility of being a total abortion, but it's great to see something new from them, since Guilt Show was a really shit way to fade out. Simple Science comes out on April 17th on colored vinyl (shit yes) and CD.


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