Monday, 29 March 2010

Just a catch up, I 'spose.

We haven't posted in forever because we're lazy, this tends to happen quite often. I figured we needed a catch up sesh (by we I mean me), I completely lost track of all my favourite bands and I've spent the afternoon finding out what they've been up to and what they're currently doing, looks like 2010 is going to be a fuckwin year.

Chalk Talk: Myspace
-  Released a split cassette with Black Churches in January
- They played a show for the release, they're planning to release a song from each band that played on cassette or something like that. Algernon Cadwallader said they would so
Sounds good, right?
- Split 7" with Ape Up! in the winter (can't fucking wait for that).
- Split 7" with Zona Mexicana (no date given)
- Their own 7" (no date given)

Midwest Pen Pals: Myspace
- "not dead anymore; writing new stuff once mships finishes their ep/split." Source: last.fm

Merchant Ships: Myspace
- Tape Split with Acres. (June 2010 on Bastard Sloth records)
- 7" EP (August 2010) 
- They're going to be on a big ass tour soon, check out the dates at their myspace.

Ape Up!: Myspace
- "Upcoming Releases!:
Something! "
These guys are useless for information :33

Palmkite: Myspace
- "In response to a few questions/comments, we are "in the middle" of making a full-length.  Two songs have been written and we can start doing work on it again in...May.  Yeah, it'll be a while but it's happening.  With any amount of luck, it'll be done this summer.  Anyway, we're all really excited to get back to that." 
"We are planning on doing a summer tour with our good friends, For Serious This Time.  We are trying to get this all set asap and it'll all be posted when we get it together a little more."
Source: Myspace blog

- Adam


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