Friday, 19 March 2010


Holy spicy fuck-whistles. This bad-boy leaked a few hours ago, and it's giving me a metaphorical boner. You want to know what it's like? It's like dropping acid in a McDonald's ball pit full of sex. It's really good.

MGMT is, at face value, a radio-friendly single maker. Or should have been a radio-friendly single maker. MGMT never really wanted to get popular, they just happened to release three singles that got a fuckton of airtime. Andrew VanWyngarden stated that Congratulations won't have any "Time to Pretends" or "Electric Feels". This proves to be bittersweet, seeing how Time to Pretend fucking rocked. But the inconsistencies of OS were all too noticeable. The mature songs like Weekend Wars and The Youth were scattered between the big three singles: The aforementioned Electric Feel and Time to Pretend as well as Kids. Congratulations fixes these problems though. You certainly won't find anything that would make it big on the radio. Every track shows the experimental/psychedelic tone MGMT was aiming for. This album feels like you're in one of those spinning rides at Disney World. You're jerked from side to side as each song splits into three, only to be neatly wrapped up by the end.
UPDATE: /mu/ has spoken, they fucking loathe it. 2deep4them

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