Saturday, 13 February 2010

Been meaning to post this for awhile

Charles Spearin - The Happiness Project

What is happiness? For me it's that perfect moment, when you just stop what you're doing and think 'I really hope this day doesn't end'; that moment when you're just enjoying life, without a care in the world; and that moment when you realise you've formed a special friendship with someone, a broship shall we call it.

In this concept album Charles Spearin ingeniusly explores the idea of happiness, just what is it? Does everyone have the same interpretation of happiness? Why do we feel happiness? All these questions are answered by Charles neighbours, he sits them down and just talks about being happy, and what makes them happy. He brilliantly transforms the spoken word into music, finding each note in the speakers voice and playing along, it's amazing to hear the human voice used in such a way. It's wierd how these seemingly everyday conversations make you think, at one point in Vittoria's song Charles loops her saying "It's like, it's like erm, and it's like erm just like", it seems like Charles way of saying that happiness is undefinable, the way that this young girl is lost for words really shows that happiness is an undescribable emotion. This is an album with just one purpose; to make you think.

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