Tuesday, 9 February 2010

No time for love, Interpol ololololol

To my surprise, I haven't posted any Interpol yet. I guess I'm fixing that.
Interpol is the first "post-punk revival" band to be posted here. But you have to be hip about it. You got to call it P-pR. Fucking uncouth swine.
ANYWAYS, Turn on the Bright Lights is Interpol's debut album, released in 2002. The lyrics are often cryptic ("I wish I could eat the salt off of your gloss-shaded lips"), the bass is smooth as shit (think Sunny Day Real Estate's 'The Shark's Private Fuck', only spread out across the album) and the drums are fast and crisp. The whole album progresses smoothly, which is probably why it's so good for shagging (...I'd imagine, ;_;).
If you pass this up, you're shooting yourself in the foot.
Best Tracks: NYC, Obstacle 1, Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down, Roland, PDA

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