Monday, 15 February 2010

i think ur a toxic event

You know that feeling your hand gets when you dip it in ice-water for a long time? Like, it sort of makes your skin feel like it's too tight for your fingers? That's what my thumb feels like right now, but with blisters. Thanks Nintendo 64. Thanks.

Now, here's something I haven't thought about in a while. The Airborne Toxic Event is a Los Angeles band that could have been the "next big thing" (that's what my brother thinks, anyway.) Maybe so, but the 1.6 rating Pitchfork gave their debut self-titled album says otherwise. Well, they can suck it. Sure, not all of the tracks are as deep as, say, Hospice, but sometimes you don't want to ponder the emotions of the boyfriend of a cancer-stricken girl, or Rivers Cuomo's Asian fetish. Does This Mean You're Moving On? is a two-minute, upbeat song about some bitch who ignores her boyfriend, and all the while he finds proof that she's cheating. Like I said before, it's not Neutral Milk Hotel or whatever, but it's worth a listen.
Best Tracks:
Wishing Well, Does This Mean You're Moving On?, Papillon, Missy

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