Saturday, 13 February 2010

Also, your mom is a skank

Ask anybody (i.e., Adam) who their favorite Nintendo 64 game is and 7 1/2 times out of 10 they'll say "Ocarina of Time, I guess." But let's make this deeper. Let's suppose you asked them to name one Nintendo 64 game in 5 seconds. Would the majority still say Ocarina of Time? Would the number of people who said Ocarina of Time increase? Stay the same? Decrease? The former question pits quality against, well, nothing else. The latter, however, pits quality against personal memories playing the N64. Would they still say Ocarina of Time, or would they choose a game with even greater nostalgic value? Would I say Majora's Mask or Blast Corps or Harvest Moon 64? Has Ocarina of Time attached itself to our memories of the N64, like some neutral parasite? The question I'm trying to pose, I guess, is whether or not the amount of people who support a certain theory (or anything else) makes it anymore credible. If 100% of people believed Ocarina of Time was perfect, would that make it a fact? Laws are described as something observed in nature that never changes. So what if, by some act of God, everyone has the same opinion on something? Would that make it a fact/law?

Anyways, the original point of this post was to share the Majora's Mask OST, but I got a bit sidetracked with my psuedo-intellectual bullshit. My bad


  1. You guys are going to make me nostalgia bawwww for hours with LoZ soundtracks.

  2. My favorite game for n64 was mario kart.

  3. I was playing that earlier for SNES :3