Wednesday, 10 February 2010


What happens if I edit this whilst you're writing it?

Fuck you, that's what.

My brother implied (actually, he straight-out fucking said) that the Alone albums were the equivalent of Rivers Cuomo masturbating on stage. "Just take 10 of the best songs, re-record with the other members of Weezer, and then release it as a compilation." After Beck, my bro is the coolest fucker ever, but I really have to disagree on his statement. There isn't really anything Weezer could do to get any shittier. Collaborating with 'Lil Wayne and the All American Rejects is like sub-zero; it's physically impossible to go any lower.

Well, maybe not.

It's not like Weezer decided to use auto-tune or work with brokeNCYDE. And despite what critics said, the Red Album was pretty good. I realize I'm analyzing Weezer instead of actually talking about Alone. But the point is, the principle is definitley masturbatory, but these are fucking Pinkerton-era B-sides and a few tracks from Songs From the Blackhole, a highly sought-after album that never saw the light of day. And dude, it sounds like Pinkerton. Fucking Pinkerton.

Best Tracks: Superfriend (once you get past the first cringe-worthy verse), Chess, Longtime Sunshine, I Was Made for You, Blastoff!/Who You Callin' Bitch?

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