Monday, 26 April 2010

You see right through meee; I see right through youuuu

Hot off the heels of The Moon and Antarctica, Modest Mouse had to release something that would seem at least decent compared to it. Interestingly enough, they decided to release the album that was originally going to be their debut - Sad Sappy Sucker. Originally set for a 1994 release, SSS was delayed for reasons my sources (i.e., Wikipedia) don't know. But, in my humble opinion, it would have been one of the best fucking debuts ever. It is, for the most part, consistently ace; and there's 24 tacks. Only The Lonesome Crowded West could top this behemoth.

[Best Tracks: Four-Fingered Fisherman, Classy Plastic Plumber, From Point A to Point B, Dukes Up]

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