Saturday, 24 April 2010

Three pills each day, etc.

How the fuck am I supposed to play Monster Hunter 3 and blog at the same time?

If there's one thing Sunny Day Real Estate has taught me, it's that all women are skanks that will do anything to fuck you over. Seriously, every song off of How it Feels to be Something On [incidentally their best album] was about how Jeremy Enigk's girlfriend stabbed him in the back, yeah? So post-hardcore emo + girl problems = awesome. This brings me to Reality vs. the Optimist, which perfectly fits the former sentence. Kiss Kiss can simply be described as post-hardcore electric violin orchestrations (played by a female, so I guess Freud* was right when he said all women are naturally masochistic**.) If the track "Shits in Suits" is anything to go on, they're pretty pissed too. So if you just got out of a relationship and hate the spiteful bitch who broke up with you, this is the album to go to (alternately, if you still like the spiteful bitch that broke up with you I suggest listening to some Hospice).

*I think it was Freud.
**To the female readers: Freud's words; not mine.

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