Thursday, 8 April 2010

Manchester scene report.

When you think of Manchester in terms of music, most people immidiatly think of bands like Oasis, The Smiths, Joy Division, The Stone Roses and other dead bands. Not a great deal of epic seems to be oozing out of the city as it once did in the Madchester era. There may be no factory records now, but the scene is by no means a dead one.

Now that the landfill indie crusade of the mid 00's is over, Manchester is a hotspot for new exciting music at the moment. Egyptian Hip Hop are just one of many new Manchester bands at the forefront of what could well be the beginning for a second coming of Manchester. Stand out song Rad Pitt is so simplistic yet manages to keep you listening over and over again with it's catchy dreamy guitar hook and rough edged vocals. A band deffinatly worth giving a listen, this time next year they could well be massive.

Wu Lyf are another band that seem to be setting the underground alight in Manchester, with their spacey lo-fi sound being a refreshing break from the lad rock sounds of the Courteeners and Oasis. Listen to concrete gold, it's brilliant.

Delphic are a more upbeat sounding indie/electro band that recieved a lot of hype last year and the debut release "acolyte" delivered some fantastic singles and as an album on the whole is a great listen. Doubt is one of the albums highlights, skittery synths a plenty and a fantastic voice to boot. If you liked them then be sure to check out may68 purverors of slick indie electro with male and female vocals, they are certainly something for Manchester to be proud of, single my way is out now.

The Answering Machine however are quite the opposite to the likes of delphic and such in that they play straight up indie, upbeat and fun of course! Similar sounding to the band Polytechnic with similar vocal styles, they play a more intelligent sounding kind of indie to the likes of super boring Oasis suck ups twisted wheel. Obviously cold makes for a great listen if you don't mind straight up no synths or any of that other nonsense style indie.

Manchester is still very much alive and a musical rennaissance could happen any time soon and i'm not even twistin' your melon man.

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