Wednesday, 14 April 2010


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Simple Science came out vinyl and digital download yesterday, and in 13 days it will come out on CD. There's something like 2000 (vinyl) copies pressed, so if you really want this you should hurry up and get it. I ordered it today; marble-green coloured vinyl, bitch. So, Simple Science. It's not a bad, but it's not a perfect either. It's sort of a mix of every album they've made. I guess the roots are something like:
10% Four Minute Mile
45% Something to Write Home About
25% On a Wire
20% Guilt Show
The vocal effects are pretty over-produced on some tracks. It doesn't ruin them , but it doesn't help them. It's just kind of there. So I would place Simple Science less than or equal to On a Wire, and greater than Guilt Show. It might take some time to warm up on you but it's a great start to their reunion and assures that the new Get Up Kids don't suck. I have a feeling their new album will be unlike anything else they've done before, and I'm all for that.

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