Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Dream-pop, for me, is hit-or-miss. It seems that I get either an hour of ominous static crap or provocative sounds that turn the room around me into outer-space. Dreamend's Maybe We're Making God Sad and Lonely falls into the latter category.

You are greeted by a humble-yet-awesome opening track of spacey guitars and chimes syncing perfectly, and swooped into the second track: An old lady (quite obviously from the South) reciting the events of an old ghost story with almost triumphant-sounding music being dreamily played in the background. This goes on for five minutes, but it intrigues me (you might not feel the same way.) It's not until the third track do we hear real vocals, and they're very refreshing. Imagine Thom Yorke's voice, but deeper. The next track is basically "I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaake up, yesterrrrrrrrrrrrrrdaaaaay" over and over again with, yup, more dreamy guitars. Mary Cogswell and Fred Vaillancourt is a girl's nervous breakdown set to music. Think about that. The last track (New Zealand) pales in comparison to the former five, but it can still stand up by itself. I'm awful at writing conclusions. This is awkward. Go away.

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