Monday, 3 May 2010

Indie? A GENRE? Controversy!

Once upon a time there was a delightful little genre called "alternative." Bands stripped off the excess noise of 80s metal and turned what was left into, you know, not shit. Leather pants were replaced with faded denim, Gibsons with Fenders1, glam-locks with five o'clock shadow, etc. etc. When R.E.M's single "The One I Love" made it on the Billboard 100 in 1987, America went fucknuts. By the mid 90s, "alternative" could pretty much describe anything that wasn't rap or metal. In 2010, alternative is the new rock, indie is the new alternative, and rock is the new...hard-rock? You get my point though. Alt. went places, good (Weezer's first two albums, The Bends, Beck) and bad (Weezer's post-Green Album works2, Nickelback, Coldplay, etc.)

In the late 80s, a couple of masterminds were creating what would go on to be known as the "indie sound." These rambunctious lil' scamps were known as the Pixies. In 1987, Steve Albini helped produced their 1988 debut Surfer Rosa, the follow up to their 1987 EP Come On Pilgrim. It was fucking awesome. Drums, vocals3, bass, guitar - everything was epic. While their 1989 album Doolittle4 usually gets more credit, Surfer Rosa is still a classic and cited by a fuckton of musicians as an inspiration5. Oh, and the album cover has titties. Fucking awesome.
(How wonderful. At the time of writing this, MediaFires decides to break down. I'll put the link up ASAP, folks.)
  1. This is speculative
  2. Okay, the Red Album was pretty fucking good.
  3. Have you ever masturbated to Kim Deal's voice? Feels good, man.
  4. Listen to this as well
  5. Kurt Cobain said that Smells Like Teen Spirit was basically his attempt at a Pixies song. CUZ IT'S NOT A RIP-OFF IF YOU ADMIT IT, AMIRIGHT????//?///?

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