Sunday, 15 November 2009

Look at this album cover. LOOK AT IT. The cover alone is enough to persuade you to download this. Unless you get the censored version. The Butthole Surfers (or B***H***Surfers if you download the censored version) have been around for nearly 30 years, and their latest performance in Austin, Texas on Halloween maybe their last (sniffsniffsob). They were a bunch of rascals that took LSD and made psychedelic rock. They also starred in a short film that featured a little kid flipping his dad off, a car-fucking hillbilly, and cannibalism. ElectricLarryLand is their seventh album and with (GASP) 500,000 copies sold it's the only RIAA certified album, mainly due to the single "Pepper", which topped the Billboard Top 40 chart. FUCKING SELLOUTS KUYBUHWEBCWCEWCW OMG. But yeah, this is psychedelic rock at its finest. If you aren't sure about this then just listen to Pepper and Jingle of a Dog's Collar on YouTube.

Here's their short film. WHAT THE HELL

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